Our Company's Culture

We foster and protect an organization where everyone has a clear opportunity to succeed. We maintain an exceptionally high standard of our company's health. By fostering a respectful and positive environment, we inspire others to contribute their unique value. Doing so allows our company to grow, pursue its vision, achieve our goals and feel confident in taking on new challenges.

Translation: we believe that anyone on our team has a right to upward mobility at WellcomeMat, no matter where or what circumstances they came from. We insist on your best work, conjured from passion, personal pride and a thirst for knowledge. We seek the best ideas and solutions (measured specifically by the impact they will have for consumers and second for our customers) and believe that everyone is qualified to deliver these most prized realizations. By maintaining these standards, the human beings that make up WellcomeMat will overcome obstacles and achieve success and happiness in our careers, beyond any of our comprehension.

Core Values


+ Good is the enemy of great

+ Fun and happiness are required

+ The best answer/solution wins, always

+ Innovation beats problems, every time

+ Every respectful person is heard

+ Focus on consumer reach/experience 1st

+ Come from abundance (stay profitable), give charitably

+ Everyone is accountable

+ Radical transparency wins

+ Be humble

+ Create and embrace change

+ The people that assist are at least as important as goal scorers

+ Family comes first

+ Quality content is king

+ Create beauty using only what you have now

+ Catch people doing things right - celebrate success